12 reasons to use Instagram for your business

Are your customers saying you should be on Instagram? Have you ever wondered if building an Insta follower would be a worthy investment of your time and resources? The social media platform isn’t going away anytime soon, and here are some reasons for brands to build their Instagram followers.

It’s growing faster than Twitter

Instagram has taken the lead over Twitter, albeit just barely. Twitter has been struggling for the past few months, and with Instagram boasting more than 300 million active accounts, there’s cause for concern. Jump into growth when you Buy followers from Twicsy.com.

It’s more engaging than Facebook

If your brand’s Facebook reach has shrunk, consider switching to Instagram. According to recent news, Instagram beats Facebook (owned by parent company Meta) by more than 15% in terms of user engagement.

You will see more sales

Brand awareness is one of the biggest benefits of Instagram, but some businesses are incorporating it into their sales funnels. To generate interest and drive more followers to your account, consider adding a link to a contest, giveaway, or your company profile to print ads.

More and more people are boarding the train

Over the past year, Instagram has grown nearly 50% — and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Instagram is expected to eventually hit 1 billion monthly active users, and with the way it’s growing, that’s a definite possibility. Get your piece of the action by growing your followers list now!

Gaining a Local Advantage

Unlike a Facebook Page, Instagram offers business owners easy access to their customers. While Twitter’s location-based advertising tools are easy to use, Instagram is catching up — meaning local brick-and-mortar businesses can use it to gain followers nearby and an edge over their competitors.

Users are content creators

If we think back to its origins as a photo sharing site, it’s easy to see how Instagram turned users into content creators. Most of us have high-quality cameras in our phones, and many are quite skilled at using editing apps.

How Does Ease of Content Creation Benefit Business Owners? The answer is simple: they can add followers by running contests that encourage visitors to share relevant, eye-catching content. Take a look at some of the most popular Instagram ad campaigns and use them for visual inspiration.

It is now home to a wider population

Did you earlier dismiss Instagram as a social network only for the younger generation? If yes, you are not alone. However, times are changing and more and more people see Instagram as the broad platform it is. At the time of writing, a quarter of adults use the social media site.

You will be one step ahead of the competition

according to a Recent study, less than a quarter of brands in the United States have Instagram accounts. Many companies, especially the larger ones, have been waiting to see if the site would last – and now that it has proven its endurance, it’s time for everyone else to jump on board. When brands build Instagram followers, they gain an edge over their competitors.

Your followers are guaranteed to be more active

Instagram doesn’t just beat Twitter; it also overtakes Facebook in second gear. In a study of thousands of profiles, it was found that Instagram posts received almost five times as many engagements as Facebook posts. With the insights tool, you can see which posts are driving the most of those engagements – and you’ll know why your followers are so active.

They show them the personality of the brand

Every company has a personality and a story to tell. Whether you’re the owner of a startup or a multinational, gaining Instagram followers will make it easier to share that story with the world. The platform lends itself to visual storytellers, and new followers will do love see the fun side of your business.

You will drive traffic

By building a larger Instagram following, you’ll bring more traffic to your site when they visit to see what the fuss is about – and those followers will likely be telling all their online and IRL friends. When businesses focus on gaining followers, they naturally drive traffic.

Build your follower base

There are many reasons for businesses to increase their Instagram followers and we’ve covered the top ones here. To learn how Twicsy can help you build a stronger following, click here to chat with us or give us a call to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts.


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