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Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone. As I wrote in my NFL Thanksgiving game report, we all have a great deal to be thankful for. Personally, I’m grateful to be in good health and to be able to share these columns with you every week.

Thanksgiving is a huge betting week for us. I’d say the five days – Thursday through Monday – rival the opening day of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. This report will cover the college football games from Thursday night through Saturday, and then I’ll return with the rest of the NFL Week 12 card on Saturday morning. As always, we’re presenting the games in the official Nevada rotation order.

State of Mississippi ranked 20th Mississippi (-2, 61)

This is a good bet. We opened Ole Miss -2.5. They took it and we went to 2, and now the 2 on Mississippi are putting away public funds exclusively. Overall nothing.

State of North Carolina ranked 18th UNC (-6, 56)

We opened 6. The public is starting to lay the 6 but no sharp action yet and we have yet to move the number. Nothing in this amount either. We haven’t had an overall action worth mentioning in any of the Friday games.

Baylor ranked 24th Texas (-8.5, 56)

We are open on May 8th. Another good bet, but no movement yet.

Florida ranked 16th Florida State (-9.5, 58)

We opened 9.5 and didn’t postpone it. There is not much going on in the Friday games. Interestingly, I opened this game as part of our Summer Game of the Year releases with Florida State as a 2-point favorite. It closed Florida State -3.

#19 Tulane at #21 Cincinnati (-1, 46.5)

Now here’s a Friday game where we had a lot to do. We opened Cincinnati -2. They took the 2 and we went to 1.5. They put the 1.5 back and we went back to 2. This time they took the 2 and the 1.5 and we went down to 1. This game has a lot of business. Overall nothing.

No. 10 Oregon (-3, 58.5) at No. 22 Oregon State

Good deal in that regard too. We opened Oregon -3.5, hot money took it and we are now at 3. Hot money is definitely on the dog. Oregon State was one of my teams before the season started and they had a hell of a year. Not much to anything else: total amount, money line, etc.

Kansas ranked 15th in the state of Kansas (-12, 62.5)

We opened 12. The crowd lays the 12 but I see it going to 11.5 with some sharp play elsewhere. You haven’t hit me yet. If so, I’ll move that.

South Carolina 7th Clemson (-14.5, 52)

We opened game 14.5 and have yet to move. But we have some money for the dog. Mostly fun money, but I see some 14s popping up. I personally think the number is a bit high. I think it will go down. I did number 13 and I think that’s quite a lively dog ​​here.

Michigan State ranked 11th Penn State (-18.5, 53.5)

It’s a bit of a rivalry – for the Land Grant Trophy. We opened this game 18 and we bet up to 18.5. Mainly leisure money, but enough to keep us moving.

No. 3 Michigan at No. 2 Ohio State (-8, 56)

We opened this Game 8 and have a lot of business both ways but haven’t moved it. I think it’s a good number. I see some 7.5s out there, but I prefer the higher number. I’ve had Ohio State as #1 all year. We’ve had some sharp bets on both sides, but again, nothing to change the numbers just yet. Ohio State opened and closed as Game of the Year in Summer -14.

#13 Notre Dame at #5 USC (-5.5, 64)

We’re at 5.5 and writing a lot of reciprocal deals. I almost went to 6 but I’m kinda glad I didn’t go there because other stores took them right away. It looks like the hot money is on Notre Dame. I made this game on 4.5, so not a huge difference, but I tend to prefer the lower number here. I opened Notre Dame -5 in one of our games of the year and it closed USC -3.

Iowa State ranked #4 in TCU (-10, 47.5)

We opened 10. Two-way business, but we’ve yet to move the number.

Auburn ranked 8th Alabama (-22, 50)

We open on May 21st. Not sharp money but public money got me up to 22 and here we are on Thursday morning. And this game has featured very little action so far this week, although that’s likely to change as I’m sure we’ll be inundated with later action. Another game of the year here: Alabama opened -18 and closed -24.

Chris Andrews is Sportsbook Director at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, a member of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame and a bookmaker in Nevada for over 40 years.


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