Anthony Davis is happy with how Lakers are playing ahead of LeBron James’ possible return

Anthony Davis failed to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a fourth straight win despite another superb performance in the 115-105 loss to the Phoenix Suns.

Davis finished the night with 37 points, 21 rebounds, five steals and five blocks, a full stat line never recorded by anyone in the NBA before. But Purple and Gold’s shooting let them down again as they made just 18.2% of their 3-point attempts on Tuesday.

Davis thinks the Lakers did well overall against Phoenix, but because the shots didn’t want to come, they didn’t get a win Spectrum SportsNet:

“Yeah, I mean we were 4-for-22 of 3 tonight. We haven’t shot the ball like that since the beginning of the year, so I think we played a pretty good defense. I mean apart from the third quarter we had some turnovers and some questionable shots and they scored 33 goals. Apart from that we were pretty good defensively. But you know we didn’t shoot the ball well out of 3 tonight. Usually in the last few games, the last few weeks, we’ve been kicking the ball really well. There weren’t any shots tonight but I think we were pretty good overall. We had some good looks that didn’t let up.”

Davis believes the Lakers have improved since the poor start to the season, even without LeBron James – who missed five games with a strained adductor. But the 29-year-old forward doesn’t want James to rush his comeback as it could cost him – and LA – in the long run:

“I like where we’ve been, you know, the last three games. I think we played well tonight. We just didn’t take any pictures. I’m not sure when he’s coming back. Obviously, you know, that’s how he feels when he’s dealing with groins. I know he trains every day and tries to come back. Hopefully we bring him back on this journey. But, you know, we won basketball games, you know, without her, without him. We won basketball games with him. I mean of course it’s always great to have him in a lineup so we can start to really improve our chemistry, especially with [Dennis Schroder] and [Thomas Bryant] Come back. I think that’s the biggest thing about this piece, but we want him to take his time. Still pretty early on, you know, we don’t want him to try… if he’s feeling anything, go out and now it’s something else and, knock wood, out a little bit. It dwells on something else. So take your time and we’ll try to hold it down as long as we can until he can be back.”

James could reportedly return to court on Friday when the Lakers take on the San Antonio Spurs away from home.

Davis played against Suns with numbness in his left arm after hitting a funny bone

Davis said he played with numbness in his left arm and lost feeling in his hand and fingers during the loss to Phoenix. The forward explained that he probably hit his weird bone when he fell to the ground, causing the numbness.

“But it’s my left hand, so I didn’t really need it tonight,” Davis added. “It is what it is.”


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