“Baking All the Way” (2022): Lifetime Movie: Premiere, Cast, Plot

What makes a recipe great? Is it a specific ingredient? Or how is it prepared? Or maybe it’s the love that goes into making it? in the bake all the way, a new original film in Lifetime’s It’s a wonderful life A big-city chef heads to a small town in search of a gingerbread recipe that she and her mother used to bake for vacations.

Yannick Bisson, Who directed and is starring bake all the way, raved about his latest project: “What a pleasure to be able to turn the holiday film genre upside down! I was able to guest cast some great actors and having Cory Lee fill in as our leading lady was a hit. I enjoyed every minute staging this little gem. Everyone from the cast and crew came out to play… even my youngest daughter Mikaela came out.”


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