Broadcasters apologize for mocking Native American player’s name

Two CBS Sports Network broadcasters apologized Tuesday for insensitive comments regarding a State of Wichita Basketball player’s name.

Commentators Chick Hernandez and Chris Walker provided commentary during the Shockers’ game against Grand Canyon on Monday joked about the cost by Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler. Bear-Chandler’s name is a nod to his Native American heritage.

“I’ll let you say his name,” Walker said on the show. “Is it Pooh Bear? Come on, you must be joking.”

“It’s not Pooh Bear,” Hernandez replied. “It’s Isaiah Pooh Bear.”

“He’s got Pooh Bear on the back of his jersey — 44. I love that,” Walker said.

“It’s one of the better names in college basketball,” Hernandez said.


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