Building an international online business

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5 opportunities and challenges

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As technology continues to advance, online businesses are slowly replacing traditional ones. Customers, on the other hand, are embracing online business more than ever. They want to interact freely with businesses no matter where they are located.

The growing popularity of online businesses has brought many opportunities for entrepreneurs. It has also created new challenges that threaten the existence of online businesses.

Every entrepreneur understands that the business world is constantly evolving. As technology advances, the online business environment is also changing.

Here are some opportunities and challenges in building an international online business;

The possibilities

Numbers don’t lie. According to statsOver 2.14 billion people bought goods and services online in 2021, up from 1.92 billion in 2019. This number is expected to continue to rise over the next few years, opening up an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The technology has also continued to develop. Every day we see new solutions being developed for the business world. These solutions are designed to address core business tasks and simplify the operation of online businesses.

Smart entrepreneurs understand what is happening. They are quick to invest in online businesses to take advantage of all these opportunities. Today, you can run a business from Africa but easily target customers in America.

But as much as entrepreneurs use these opportunities, they are also faced with new challenges that traditional companies did not have before. Here are some of the most common challenges online businesses face;

Societal Challenges

Modern customers are more concerned about their privacy and how they share their personal information with online businesses. They need reassurance that the companies they deal with are safe and can protect their data.

In addition, you will probably encounter cultural differences when operating an international online business. Unlike local and traditional businesses operating in a specific location, you have to think about social, cultural and language differences.

These challenges will be a stumbling block in running an international online business. You must be prepared and look for ways to meet social challenges for your business to thrive.

Processing of payments – especially recurring payments

Building an international online business means operating in different countries. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to make payments to local authorities, customers or others in a foreign country where you operate.

It could get even worse for you if you have to make those payments or if customers pay you frequently. This can prove challenging for those lacking an effective method Management of international recurring payments.

Luckily, you can get a solution that ensures you are compliant with transaction regulations and tax laws abroad. Such a system also ensures that your customers can easily sign up for recurring payments no matter where they are.

Technological Challenges

International online companies rely heavily on the internet for most of their businesses. Among the biggest challenges they face are the integration of different protocols, bandwidth availability and Internet security.

International online companies have become the target of cybercriminals. They (cyber criminals) are increasingly looking for ways to break into these companies and steal data from them.

Even if these companies can implement new security measures, cybercriminals also get new solutions to penetrate these measures. If you are an entrepreneur, you must ensure that you use modern and updated security measures to complete this challenge.

legal challenges

Although international online companies have existed for a number of years, they still face legal challenges in some countries. This is still a new business model and some countries haven’t figured it out yet.

The most common legal challenges include intellectual property rights and taxes. For example, some countries have not yet figured out how to collect taxes on online transactions.

Does that mean that an international online company is guilty of a criminal offense if it doesn’t pay taxes in these countries? Well, this is a problem that will take time to solve as different countries embrace online business at different rates.

International online businesses will continue to grow despite the challenges they face. Technological advances and internet penetration around the world are among the factors contributing to this growth.

However, online entrepreneurs must be prepared to face various challenges that may hamper their operations. With the right tools, they can overcome most of these challenges and grow their business.


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