Coast-to-coast Thanksgiving storm unleashes weather hazards of thunderstorms and heavy snowfall in South Central, southeastern United States

From torrential rain and thunderstorms to torrential snowfalls, the coast-to-coast storm will unleash a host of hazards across the south-central and southeastern United States. The impact will be felt over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

As hazards like flooding develop well during the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend, AccuWeather forecasters are forecasting the storm will cause many delays for travelers and Black Friday shoppers this holiday.

The first component of a double-barreled Thanksgiving weather system, an upper-level storm, swept across the western United States for the first half of the week. A significant storm will develop over the southern plains of the Mississippi Delta region on Thanksgiving as it interacts with moisture moving north from the Gulf of Mexico.

Bill Deger, a senior weather forecaster for AccuWeather, said some rain gauges in the southeastern region and lower Mississippi Valley, particularly east Texas through north Georgia, as well as the state of South Carolina and western North Carolina, will be filled with rain , if the storm develops Thursday through Friday.

A flood watch is in place through Saturday morning in areas of southeast Texas, including Houston and Jackson, according to the National Weather Service.

The second part of the storm

Portions of the Interstate 10 and 20 corridors are expected to experience a total of 4 to 6 inches of rain, with the wettest areas receiving 12 inches of rain as the second part of the storm overlaps the first and thunderstorms are added to the mix Thursday through Saturday and until Sunday morning.

Motorists may experience poor visibility and lots of water on the Interstate 10, 20, and 40 corridors. The bulk of the rain will fall Thursday night through Friday around Dallas and in two parts late Thursday through Thursday night and again Friday night around Houston.

double rain

As one storm system moves away and another forms further to the east, strengthening and gaining strength, a double string of downpours is likely to be more noticeable. The first significant amount of rain is expected to fall around Atlanta late Thursday night through Friday noon.

Bernie Rayno, AccuWeather’s chief on-air meteorologist, said Atlanta and much of the congested I-85 corridor will experience a significant bout of precipitation late Saturday through Saturday night that will likely cause travel delays. Rain and thunderstorms are possible in the southeast on Saturday.

Florida Theme Parks

Both Friday and Saturday will have highs in the 80s in central Florida during the long Thanksgiving holiday. Thunderstorms are expected in Florida on Friday while there will be occasional showers on Saturday.

Rainstorms have been frequent in recent weeks from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf Coast, occasionally raising water levels along the Mississippi River. By Friday, this system should be able to contain widespread severe thunderstorms with just a wedge of cool air.

According to The Weather Channel, the chance of rain in Orlando will drop from the 20’s to 6% and then rise back up to 16% by the weekend.

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flash flood hazard

Risk of torrential downpours in the Carolinas is highlighted by AccuWeather forecasters. On Saturday, the storm could be strong enough to spontaneously generate thunderstorms. Just enough cold air will be sucked in on the storm’s northwest flank as it intensifies to cause a patch of heavy accumulating snow in eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle.

About a foot of snow

West Texas and eastern New Mexico receive an average of 6 to 12 inches of snow, with a maximum of 15 inches. Unlike last week, a massive cold draft is not forecast to follow the storm in the south-central and southeastern states, although the southern plateaus will receive snow. Instead, the jet stream will traverse the country from west to east from late this weekend through early next week.

The south-central region will experience significantly better travel conditions on Saturday and the Southeast on Sunday afternoon as rain shifts south from the Midwest and Northeast, reports AccuWeather.

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