Heartbreaking update from murdered University of Idaho student’s roommate as cops reveal gun and ‘stalker’ details

A roommate of the murdered University of Idaho students shared a heartbreaking update as cops revealed new details of the gun used in the horrifying attack.

Moscow police officers have also released a list of people they have ruled out as suspects as they investigate claims that a victim had a “stalker”.

A roommate of the killed University of Idaho students has revealed the tattoo of their initials that the roommate got in honor of the victims


A roommate of the killed University of Idaho students has revealed the tattoo of their initials that the roommate got in honor of the victimsCredit: Facebook
The investigation into the death of the four students continues


The investigation into the death of the four students continuesCredit: Instagram/kayleegoncalves

Dylan Mortensen, who has been ruled out as a suspect in the murders, posted a tattoo of angel wings on VSCO in honor of the four friends.

The tattoo is inscribed with the lettering “MKXE,” symbolizing an initial for each of Mortensen’s tragically killed roommates, and has an angel’s wing on each side.

“Maddie Kaylee Xana Ethan – MKXE – Love You Always and Forever,” read the caption.

It is believed that Bethany Funke, the other surviving roommate, also got the tattoo.

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This comes more than a week after Kaylee Goncalves, 21, was brutally stabbed to death at their home in Moscow along with her roommates Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, and Xana’s boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20.

Investigators said Tuesday they are reviewing information they have received that Kaylee Goncalves has a stalker.

However, they have not yet been able to verify these claims.

“We have received information through some of our interviews that Kaylee has made some comments about a stalker. So that’s where it came from,” Moscow police chief Roger Lanier said on Wednesday.

“We continued to look at specific time frames and specific neighborhoods. We have not been able to confirm this to date, but we are not done examining this information.”


Police previously said they had received “hundreds of pieces of information” relating to claims Goncalves was being followed.

Authorities have also said they believe “a fixed-blade knife” was the weapon used in the murder.

However, they continue to search for the weapon.

Officials believed the attack was “targeted” but still have not specified why the students were chosen to protect the integrity of the investigation, they said.

The coroner said the four victims were likely asleep during the attack, but some had defensive wounds and each victim was stabbed multiple times.


A map published by DailyMail showed where each of the victims was spotted within the house’s layout.

Two victims were found on the second floor while the others were found on the third floor.

Two appeared to be sleeping in one bed together, while the others were each found in separate bedrooms.

Two other housemates were at home during the attack but didn’t wake up until later on Sunday morning, police said.

A 911 call reporting an unconscious person was placed at 11:58 a.m. using one of the roommates’ phones, police said.

However, authorities would not identify the person who made the call. They made it clear that the alleged killer didn’t call.

Police said at a news conference on Wednesday that they have confirmed that a 911 dispatcher spoke to several people from one of the surviving roommates’ phones.

While the exact timing of the killings remains unclear, Moscow Mayor Art Bettge said the victims likely died between 3 and 4 a.m.

Police clarified that the students were not bound and gagged. There were no signs of sexual assault.

Officials said they are currently investigating how the suspect was able to murder four people without waking up the two housemates, who were found alive and unharmed in the large house.

The two are not suspects in the case, the police confirmed.


Meanwhile, haunting video footage showed two of the victims chatting and being given a late-night snack in a food truck on a night just hours before their brutal deaths.

Police said the two had just been to a local bar together.

Cops viewed video showing a mysterious hooded man standing near the two women, identified as Mogen and Goncalves, as they wait.

They noted in their recent press conference that the man has been investigated and is not a suspect.

The police captain said Mogen and Goncalves got home at 1:45 am.

The other two victims, Chapin and Kernodle, were also at a fraternity party that night, Lanier said, and returned home at a similar time.

According to Lanier, Mortensen and fellow surviving roommate Bethany Funke got home around 1 a.m.

Alivea Goncalves, Kaylee’s sister, previously told Inside Edition that Kaylee called a man named Jack six times between 2:26 a.m. and 2:52 a.m.

Her roommate, Moden, also called Jack three times between 2:44 a.m. and 2:52 a.m.

However, the couple’s motives for this are unknown.

Kaylee’s parents have now revealed to the Daily Beast that Jack was their daughter’s ex-boyfriend and that he called seven times within the timeframe given by Kaylee’s sister.

However, Kaylee’s parents are convinced her former lover, 26, had nothing to do with the murders.

“We support him and we know in our hearts and minds and in our souls and in the depths of our souls that Jack is hurt,” Kristi told Fox News.

“Kaylee and Jack would have been married at some point. They would have ended up being married and they would have had children eventually.”

Police are aware of the calls but did not provide further details on their significance.

A suspect has not been identified.

The FBI and Idaho State Police are assisting in the investigation.

Col Kedrick Wills of the Idaho State Police said they collected 103 pieces of evidence at the scene and are processing 4,000 photos while also relying on a 3D scan of the home, 1,000 leads and 150 interviews so far.

If you have any information, police urge you to contact the tip hotline at 208-883-7180 ​​or email [email protected]

Digital media can be submitted at fbi.gov/moscowidaho.


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