Here are useful apps to follow FIFA World Cup 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is officially underway in Qatar and this time the tournament is a special one for Canadians as the men’s national team qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

We have published a guide explaining how to watch the tournament in Canada online. However, considering that most games start between 5am and 2pm ET (2am/2pm PT), Canadians may not have the time to sit down and watch the games live.

We’ve compiled a list of some useful mobile apps that can help you stay in the World Cup 2022 loop, including fixtures and results, so you don’t miss any of the action while you’re busy with other daily life activities.

FIFA+: The official World Cup app

For the most reliable World Cup news, download the official FIFA+ World Cup app.

The application provides a live news blog about ongoing matches, match highlights of the day, upcoming matches, live scores and more.

In addition to statistics and information on current matches, the application, as part of FIFA+ Originals, also offers more than 2,000 hours of archive content, including documentaries, docuseries and talk shows and more.

FIFA+ also has a website which you can check here.

Download FIFA+ for iOS here. Download FIFA+ for Android here.

Flash Score Canada

The Flashscore app is not just limited to the World Cup. It offers news, real-time scores, alerts, stats and more from multiple top leagues from around the world including NFL, NBA, MLB, European Soccer, PGA Golf and more.

The app offers live tables and results for the World Cup. A ‘Top Goalscorers’ section shows which player is leading the tournament in terms of goals, while under ‘Matches’ you can see all upcoming games and their times.

Download Flashscore Canada for iOS here. Download Flashscore Canada for Android here.

The score

One of the most popular sports apps, TheScore, similar to FlashScore, offers stats and information on a range of leagues from around the world. Currently, the app has a separate “World Cup 2022 Coverage” section with everything FIFA related.

The app provides real-time push notifications on important in-game events such as goals scored, penalties awarded, penalties missed, red and yellow cards issued and more.

The app also offers live standings, news about the latest matches and participating teams, as well as leaderboards in terms of goals scored, assists and clean sheets. In the Lineups section, you can see which players are on the field and what formations they play in, while in the Matchup section, you can view a comparison between team stats such as ball possession, shots taken, corner kicks taken, fouls, and more.

TheScore also has a website which you can visit here.

Download TheScore for iOS here.

Download TheScore for Android here.


Twitter, while it’s still around, is a great platform for real-time World Cup updates. Follow the right accounts, such as @FIFA World Cupand turning on tweet notifications can help you stay in the know, while the dedicated World Cup section on the Explore page features relevant tweets from teams, players, media and more to keep you in the know.


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