Paul Greene Talks New Christmas Movies, Candace Cameron-Bure & ‘When Calls the Heart’

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, which means Paul Greene is likely to be on your TV screen. One of the most popular Christmas movies has two new offerings this holiday season. First as a jingle writer who falls in love with an aspiring singer played by Jessica Lowndes in I’m glad it’s Christmas. The film Great American Family also stars the legendary Gladys Knight.

Then the When the heart calls Alum plays an entrepreneur on CBS who wants to turn a small-town recreation center into a ski resort Suitable for Christmas. His lover, a fitness trainer played by Amanda Kloots, wants to put a stop to these plans. Before the premieres, we met with the busy actor and musician.

You’ve done so many Christmas movies. are you home for christmas

Paul Greene: I love Christmas! I have Christmas music on this early. We usually shoot so far away from Christmas like July that it’s more like a little taster. I’m always up for it.

Great American Family, along with the other networks and streamers, have really gone all out when it comes to holiday movies. What do you think of this boom?

So many! Everyone makes them. CBS used to do them and found that there really is a solid audience. When it comes to competition, I think the more the merrier.

How incredible it was to continue working with Gladys Knight I’m glad it’s Christmas?

She was very approachable and kind. We sang with her quite a bit. There is some acapella singing and some highly produced vocals. She was incredible. I just can’t believe she looks the way she looks at her age but also sings the way she does. She is super funny and brings a lot of wisdom as a musician and performer. It was a real honor.

Amanda Kloots and Paul Greene on Fit for Christmas

Michael Courtney/CBS

What was it like learning a little bit more about your musicality?

I personally make a lot of music. I’ve been doing a lot of live streams from home during the pandemic, so I was so excited to be able to play and sing. It’s sort of my dream job where I can make music, act, make people laugh and be close to family. That ticked three of the four boxes… The characters of Jessica and I fall in love at the beginning. Then there are all these obstacles. I think what makes a good movie is when your leads have to overcome those obstacles. It’s a hero’s journey that hopefully can inspire people to take risks, or love again, or try something hard, or forgive someone. That’s why I do these things. There’s that connection to Christmas. It feels to me like there are so many divisions in the world. At the very least, most people can sit down to watch one of these Christmas movies and find something to bond over.

On the other end of the spectrum from Suitable for Christmasyou’re kind of a grinch to start with.

Yes, but it is only from the outside. My character is a big softie. I would say Suitable for Christmas differs a little in pacing and humor. Fit is more of a comedy while I’m glad it’s Christmas is a comedy, but it’s a little deeper in the storylines. Suitable for Christmas was written by Anna White who is one of my favorites. She wrote another Christmas movie that I was in Christmas General Manager. It’s hilarious. It’s so fast and fun. I loved working with her and Amanda. I didn’t know her very well. I was aware of her history during COVID and lost her husband Nick. There are a number of sweet encounters in this film. It’s a cute overload in both movies.

The fans loved seeing you When the heart calls. Do you think we will Dr. See Carson Shepherd again in Hope Valley and maybe have a happy ending with Faith?

There have been talks of different approaches to complete or expand on this storyline. That falls into the hands of the gods. There are so many cool projects I’m involved with. If you’re on a series, you might be able to sneak in a thing or two. I loved being part of it but there are so many other projects I wanted to do. I helped produce a pilot. I was involved in one [Jaguar My Love] Film for two years that I’m proud of. If I was in a series none of this would happen. I also had a baby and was able to be there for the whole pregnancy. I would never give up any of this for additional seasons. I have my gift… I make music, I have a podcast. I am writing a parenting book. I try to be present with all the little things. There’s the whole fitness side. My wife and I coach people through a transformational process and program called Freedom Alchemist. I have to tell myself enough to slow down and think about what my main priority is and move on from there.

Do you take care of yourself during the holidays?

I don’t I’ve seen the things I’ve made. A fan told me she was watching A Christmas detour 130 times. I think she holds the record. I don’t even think my mother saw them that often. She loves them when the movies are on in Canada. I definitely don’t do my film marathons. Definitely looking forward to watching Spirited. We’re going to sit down and watch my two new Christmas movies. But we always watch love actually and Spoilsport. I definitely have my classics.

Jessica Lowndes, Gladys Knight and Paul Greene on 'I'm Glad It's Christmas'

Big American family

you mentioned A Christmas detour. What do you think of everything that’s going on with your former co-star Candace? [Cameron-Bure] and the backlash to the Wall Street Journal interview?

She is the most amazing person. I said that about Lori Loughlin when it came to her. They are my friends and when they are going through whatever they are going through, I will stand by them as their friends. As far as I know about Candace, nothing they’ve been saying in the media lately makes sense or is true. They left out important parts of what she said [to The Wall Street Journal] and who she is. i know who she is at her heart. Your friend and manager are part of the LGBTQ community. She is wonderful. She is loving to all people. What she produces is her choice and I don’t judge her for it. I don’t agree with everything she does and I don’t agree with everything she does. I only wish the media were fair enough to make their full statement. People need to know that. That Candace really loves people. The news media drives me insane by leaving out important parts. They do it for clickbait all the time. That’s exactly what’s happening with Candace. This is from my point of view.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this topic with me.

I have so many friends who are gay. You may be upset that I’m not speaking out against her, but I’m not because she’s my friend. And I know her heart. People are so divided and there is so much money to be made from division. I just wish we could all get together. We also need to remember that there is a real person on the other side, be it Lori or Candace. There they are people. They bring genuine joy and are compassionate. If you look at social media people are so cruel. How Candace responded with so much love. It just shows you who she is.

I’m glad it’s Christmas Premiere, Nov. 26, 8/7c, Great American Family

Suitable for Christmas premiere, December 4, 8/7c, CBS


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