Shaquille O’Neal, who spent $350,000 to customize a Ferrari, was attacked with a turkey on TNT’s NBA set

Inside the NBA has been the biggest show running alongside the NBA for a number of years. With Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal on long-term contracts, their status as the top dogs in basketball entertainment seems secure.

One of the most recognizable faces in their world-class crew behind the scenes is Joe “Underdog” Underhill. The Underdog is a lead researcher and the brains behind much of the innovative content presented by the Inside Crew.

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Underhill even appeared in a few episodes of the show. As an important part of the crew, Underdog has a good relationship with the Superstars on the air.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it would only be appropriate to take a look back at the underdog’s most memorable cameo Inside the NBA. It was a Thanksgiving treat, a turkey, and an attack on Shaquille O’Neal.

How did the underdog make his Thanksgiving performance iconic?

It started badly for Underhill. The lead researcher appeared to be on the receiving end of an on-air attack from Shaq. O’Neal abused the underdog and nearly smashed his head against the treat in front of him.

But then the victim became the attacker. Underhill grabbed the turkey – yes, the whole turkey – and threw it at Shaq. Also with an impeccable aim. The turkey clumsily hit the Big Diesel on the head and right in front of the cameras. The 7-footer’s attempt to bully Thanksgiving had gone horribly wrong for him.

Shaq didn’t seem too pleased either. The big man’s expression reflected shock and anger, at least for a moment. But then again, it was O’Neal’s own fault.

One of Inside the NBA‘s all-time moments and underdogs on-air highlight. A Thanksgiving epic for eternity. Shaq, of all his $400 million and wondrous cars, probably just got himself a gift to ease the embarrassment. Like the custom $350,000 Ferrari he once had to fit his huge frame.

What led Shaquille O’Neal to spend $350,000 on a single silver Ferrari?

Shaquille O’Neal is as extravagant as a man of his wealth can afford. Custom cars, choppers, real estate and bling brighten up O’Neal’s life.

One of his most prized possessions, one he has “had to have”, came with four wheels. A custom silver Ferrari that cost him $350,000. The payoff was probably worth it as such expenditures were required to get a supercar to match the 7’0 Superstar.

O’Neal wrote in Shaq Uncut:

“When I got to LA, I bought a silver Ferrari. I couldn’t fit in a regular Ferrari, so I had the guy take the engine out of the back so he could adjust the seat and create some legroom for me. That meant he had to place the engine in front. It was a nightmare – cost me around $350,000 but I had to have it.” describes Shaq, about the enormous effort that was required for his Ferrari.

Living big is literally and figuratively true when it comes to the Shaq Fu life. And apart from a turkey on its head, it does appear to be quite lifelike indeed.

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