Should filmmakers rethink the way they portray busy entertainment zones?

Entertainment venues have been a favorite setting for filmmakers for years. Classic tables are common in James Bond titles to introduce characters, and famous games have also been used for key scenes in other images.

Sometimes these brothels are the primary setting for the picture around which the action revolves.

Now that the entertainment industry is changing, filmmakers may need to reconsider the way they portray the pastime. They are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the impressive rise of the gaming sector.

Online casinos are the most popular places to play now

When Sean Connery first appeared at the baccarat tables as 007, online casinos were unthinkable. The internet didn’t even exist back then. However, now the online casino industry is huge. This is underscored by online roulette at Betfair Casino, where there are countless modern titles for players to choose from. These include games like Lightning Roulette First Person, Premium Roulette European and Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette Live.

The sheer abundance of games available underscores just how popular online form of casino gambling is. Operators need to offer this wide range in order to attract the widest possible gamer demographic. Online casinos have risen to worldwide fame because they are available almost everywhere, which means more people than ever know about casino games. Filmmakers should take note of this and find ways to make their images appealing to this contemporary audience of online gamers.

Casino movies always take place offline

Out of all the most famous casino movies of all time, there are no instances where gambling takes place in an online situation. They always take place in a real casino environment, with features that the directors believe will be easy to read on screen. As such, images often include long rows of slot machines along with spinning roulette wheels and croupiers dealing cards.

According to a list in Variety, casino is Martin Scorsese’s 17th best film. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just that it finds itself amidst a plethora of other classics from the legendary director. When you think of movies about casinos, casino is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The movie perfectly shows the workings of a busy gambling house and immerses viewers in this situation.

In other films that include gambling scenes, directors often try to explain the rules so viewers know what’s going on. Casino royale is considered the fourth best Bond film by CNET, and the image goes a long way in explaining the mechanics of Texas Hold’em to draw audiences into the scenes.

Perhaps modern day filmmakers should rethink these classic casino tropes to better suit the modern age of gambling. Viewers may want to see the inner workings of an online casino or witness scenes featuring modern versions of classic games in an internet environment.

Source: Pexel

Because the casino industry looks very different today than it did when casinos were first featured in the movies, filmmakers should start rethinking the way they portray them on screen. It’s about time someone made a movie about the busy online casino sector.

main image: Source: Pexel


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