Thanks to everyone at Thanksgiving – Crescent City Sports

Today is a day to look back.

Yes, I wrote my basketball prep report for the day.

Yes, I wrote my Saints injury report for Wednesday and will do so today.

Yes, I wrote my article about the New Orleans Pelicans winning easily in San Antonio.

Yes, I’m gearing up for our six hours of prep football coverage on Ken Trahan’s Original Prep Football Report tomorrow night on NASH ICON 106.1 FM.

Yes, I am preparing to broadcast the Brother Martin-Northwood Select Division I Quarterfinals game on NASH ICON 106.1 FM as part of Friday night’s broadcast.

No, work doesn’t stop for Thanksgiving.

Yes, we are grateful to have this work and to offer you the best we can deliver for local sports facilities on a daily basis thanks to a great team of professionals committed to delivering the best possible product and constantly improving.

No, we don’t understand every story, but we strive to get many and most importantly, to get those stories right and present facts as positively as possible.

It’s been great to see the New Orleans Saints players, New Orleans Pelicans players, Coach Willie Green, owner Gayle Benson and members of our professional sports team giving back over the past few days.

Regardless of whether we have or have the ability to give much or little, we should always be willing to give, with joy and without compulsion. The Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Giving should be fun.

Receiving should be fun and in the process of receiving we should never neglect gratitude to others and the Giver of all things.

We are thankful that most of the crippling pandemic that has gripped our societies, bodies and businesses has largely subsided and that our lives and the lives of our children have largely returned to a sense of comfort, joy and appreciation.

We are thankful for our health, especially when I focus on those we have recently lost.

I am grateful to have had Barbara Turner, our bowling friend whose family generously helped take care of our children when they were very young.

I’m grateful to have had the very lovely Brian Eichhorn in my life from our high school days, to the playground days, to our high school days together.

I am grateful to have had Paul Hoolahan in my life who graciously allowed me to be a small part of the Allstate Sugar Bowl for many years.

These fine people are gone from this earth but not forgotten as each has left his or her mark.

Let’s be thankful for all we have on this day and let’s all work hard to make a name for ourselves.

I am thankful that our son came home late last night to be with us for a few days. We love him and miss him dearly, but are incredibly grateful that he has excelled elsewhere as an archaeologist and is a loving, caring young man.

I am grateful that our daughter will be with us today, with her loving husband and wonderful children. It happens to be her birthday and that’s a double thank you. Born and always smiling, she exudes love and always shares her life with us.

I am grateful for a woman who tolerates me every day, endures my impatience and annoying peculiarities and constant work mode every day. I’m more than happy.

Though we all endure hardships and are mired in daily struggles, today is a day to stop, take a deep breath, forget the Saints had a disappointing season, forget whether or not the Pelicans are healthy, forget that Tulane Cincinnati, forget LSU Drilling Texas A&M and forget the pre-playoffs.

Today is a day to spend time with those we love, appreciate and wish we could spend more time with.

There will be food.

There will be football, American style and futbol as the rest of the world knows it.

It will be fun.

There will be no failure.

This will be awesome.

I Thessalonians 5:18 reminds us to “in all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Whatever your circumstances, whatever my circumstances, whatever our circumstances, let’s give thanks.

Thank you to everyone who supports

Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful, relaxing, joyful day.


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