The Pulse: Thanksgiving Watch Guide, Germany’s Protest, and a Turkey Defense

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Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey is good, lunatics.

Find a couch

Power ranking for your football watching

You will have obligations today. Chat with some relatives. Maybe a political argument or two. Untimely FaceTimes? Probably. Prepare yourself, of course, but most importantly, strategize about when and how you step in front of a TV today. It’s just good coaching.

Let’s say you can’t watch football all day. Prioritization is key:

1. Not to be missed: Bills (-9.5) at Lions
That’s correct! This game matters. The Lions 4-6 are the hottest team in the league (🤯) and the Bills are playing at Ford Field for the second straight week. Is Detroit real? We’ll find out. Wait… Detroit gets 9.5? Hm.

Time: 12:30 p.m. ET on CBS

2. Don’t Miss: Giants at Cowboys (-10)
Appropriate records. Check. That’s all. The smell of cheating hung in the air at Meadowlands last week. The 7-3 Cowboys, fresh off one of the best performances of any team this season — a 40-3 road demolition by the Vikings — have a chance to bring the 7-3 Giants into submission.

Time: 4:30 p.m. on FOX

3. Best Entertainment Value: Mississippi State at Ole Miss (-2.5)
Regardless of the quality of the game, this is the most underrated game on the college football program each season. Remember when Elijah Moore mimicked peeing in the end zone? (Read this right away.) Regular eggshell. This year, we could see Lane Kiffin take off in a helicopter to Auburn right after the final whistle.

Time: 7 p.m. on ESPN

4. Best Vault: Patriots at Vikings (-2.5)
Can Minnesota bounce back from the Cowboys’ loss last week? The catch: The Patriots can’t score, so this is either a huge disappointment for a previously good Viking offensive, or it’s a stone fight that leaves us all unhappy.

take pulse: Switch to the Egg Bowl or tipsy Scattergories.

Time: 8:20 p.m. on NBC

Check out our full guide to NFL games here, including odds and tips.

World Cupdate

Ronaldo and Brazil are up today

Today: The sleepy sleepers Uruguay start in an hour (8am ET), after which Portugal and the never-before-seen Ronaldo meet Ghana (11am) and then Brazil-Serbia (2pm).

Morning: 🇺🇲vs 🏴䠁中亠䠁严䠁中信 (2 p.m.). More on that later. Full schedule and times here.

Worth: Germany’s players protested against FIFA.


Michigan state players face charges
Seven Michigan State football players have been charged by prosecutors in an Oct. 29 post-game tunnel incident involving Michigan football players. In the incident, Wolverines players Gemon Green and Ja’Den McBurrows were attacked by a number of Spartan players, injuring Green and McBurrows.

Benched… with apologies
Strange Mood for the Jets: The team is 6-4, yet the mood is grim. Zach Wilson was benched for this weekend’s game yesterday – the right move according to our local correspondent – after Wilson seemed unperturbed by a nightmare performance against the Patriots on Sunday. Mike White will start against the Bears, although Wilson apologized to his teammates yesterday.

food fight

Support the turkey this holiday season

A problematic narrative has been brewing in popular media over the past few years: Turkey is bad, and you should find cooler, hipper alternatives for your Thanksgiving spread. cowards.

I’d bet a lot of wrong money that most of you turkey snobs have never had a good turkey. I said it. Say I’m in the bag of Big Turkey all you want, but put a little effort into your holiday turkey and you’ll find it’s arguably our most underrated meat. Smoke, salt, fry, whatever. It’s a versatile bird.

I’m going to eat a good turkey, but first lend your voice to the most important poll we’ve conducted: Is turkey good?

pulse picks

We have the best NFL prospects from Rivalry Week via Dane Brugler. Yes, the predicted top 10 of the 2023 NFL Draft is going to be one thing.

Aaron Rodgers’ pain tolerance is a little higher than ours. He’s playing with a broken thumb. Unless you’re typing with your thumb.

The Angels keep adding help to mount a Get Mike Trout for the playoff run. Maybe this time it will work.

The Indiana Pacers looked like The Tank Express. Nobody complains today.

Alex Ovechkin keeps tallying goals and has left his mark on others he probably can’t understand.

The Sacramento Kings are on their longest winning streak since a Bush was president. The west is strange.

Here you can find out more about what German players did to face Qatar, the host country of FIFA and World Cup.

Why is Manchester United for sale? The Tifo folks have a great video breakdown. Oh, and more on who might buy the club.

You want a glimpse of that perspective from the fans during a World Cup for the ages.

(Photo: Matt Bush/USA Today)


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