The Tales From The Far Territory release date has been revealed in a recent trailer video

The first part of the highly anticipated The Long Dark expansion, Tales from the Far Territory, will arrive on PC on December 5, a recently released trailer revealed. The paid expansion will introduce new items, gameplay mechanics, and story-driven stories set in the Far Territory.

The expansion has been in the works at Hinterland Games since October. The Canada-based developer will release the long-awaited DLC in multiple parts over the course of 12 months. With the debut of Part One in December, the expansion will bring a variety of new locations to explore, along with three new stories, gameplay features, and items that “greatly complement the world of Great Bear Island and the game’s survival foundation.” “


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The trailer teases a large number of regions in the upcoming expansion, including “forgotten railroads, abandoned airfields, and mysterious mines.” Based on what we see in the trailer, it’s safe to say that the Far Territory has a lot in its arsenal to further enhance the sense of isolation that is the core element of The Long Dark. The developer also shared an official roadmap for the 12-month series extension. The roadmap details the upcoming content, stating that it will appear in multiple drops over an eight to 10 week schedule.

Tales from the Far Territory takes players to the Far Range Branch Line, which serves as a hub for other locations such as the Industrial Mine, Abandoned Airfield, and Mountain Pass. The content of the upcoming expansion will also feature various gameplay mechanics such as Insomnia Affliction and Glimmer Fog, which will force players to find new ways of surviving in the Far Territory. The former is a rather odd condition that can be triggered after “Exposed to Certain Influences”. And the latter is a strange phenomenon unique to this region that “charges the air and ground with electrostatic energy,” causing technical problems in electronic devices.

Along with new gameplay features, the paid expansion will introduce new items like the handheld shortwave and travois to provide a more compelling survival experience. It’s worth noting that the expansion also includes three new narrative stories. The new stories will take players on a perilous journey that will unveil the region’s strange past, which will “build the story of Great Bear Island” and ultimately complement the story of Wintermute.

The first part of the anticipated Tales from the Far Territory expansion is due out on Steam and Epic Games in December, beginning a whole new journey in The Long Dark on PC. The expansion is also slated for release in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, although there’s no word on the final release date.

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