Tickets for the film The Quintessential Quintuplets go on sale

The quintessence of the quintuplets Anime film project based on Negi Haruba’s original manga titled The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie, was first announced as a sequel at the end of Season 2 in March 2021 and is set to conclude the animated series. The film premiered in Japan on May 20 this year, with a video game adaptation of the film getting a limited release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, set to release in June.

The new film has had a steady launch in Asia since its May premiere and will finally be available to English-speaking audiences in both a subtitled version and an English dubbed version, coming to US and Canadian theaters courtesy of Crunchyroll. The quintessence of the quintuplets The film is slated for a December 2 release in Canada and the United States. Tickets for the film are available now from


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Crunchyroll will also release the film in select countries outside of Canada and the US, including Italy; France; Spain; the United Kingdom; Ireland; New Zealand; Australia; Germany; as well as Poland; Romania; Czech Republic and Hungary in the period from October this year to March 2023.

There is no information yet on the film’s availability in other territories. The film has a running time of 130 minutes (2 hours 10 minutes), with the cast of both the Japanese version and the English dub reprising their roles from the anime series.

The film is being produced by staff at Bibury Animation Studio, the production company responsible for the second season of The quintessence of the quintuplets anime, The quintessential quintuplets ∬. The film’s director is Masato Jinbo, who also directed the second season Rise of the Shield Hero, released earlier this year; while the screenplay for the film is by Keiichirō ŌCHI, who was responsible for the script and series composition of the crazy romantic comedy, girlfriend, girlfriend.

Character designs are the responsibility of Masato Katsumata, with Akihito Ougiyama as Art Director and Daisuke Chiba as Director of Photography. The color design is by Aiko Matsuyama. music for The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie is by Hanae Nakamura and Miki Sakurai, with sound direction by Hajime Takakuwa.

The first season of The quintessence of the quintuplets aired in January 2019 with 12 episodes, while the second season, which was pushed back to January 2021 from its original October 2020 release date, also has 12 episodes. The Quintessential Quintuplets the Movie hits US theaters on December 2nd.

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