Warriors is buying players Pistons might be interested in

The Detroit Pistons are on a modest two-game winning streak but still have one of the worst records in the NBA this season.

If Detroit continues to lose, they could buy some of their players in trades and Bojan Bogdanovic, Alec Burks, Nerlens Noel and recently Saddiq Bey have all been mentioned as possibilities.

Bey’s name coming up in reports comes as a bit of a surprise, though he hasn’t played particularly well this season and there are some questions about his long-term suitability, especially with an upcoming extension and Kevin Knox playing well on a lowball contract .

The Golden State Warriors are a team that could be a good game for the Detroit Pistons as they are an experienced team with some young talent and are in full win-now mode as their Big 3 window is rapidly closing .

They are reportedly buying both James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga in search of rotation players who can help them now as both boys have played sparingly this season and Wiseman is currently not in the G-League rotation.

I’ve written about Wiseman as a potential buy-low trade target, but its suitability is questionable. That leaves Jonathan Kuminga, who would be a better fit for the Detroit Pistons, who need an upgrade in athletics and defense down the wing.

Kuminga is certainly athletic and a strong defender, although his offensive game is still very rough. But he’s only 20 years old, so he has plenty of time to improve in that regard. He seems like the type of player the Pistons could take on if the right deal came along, but do they have the right pieces to get him?

Detroit Pistons: Possible trade with the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors don’t have much time left in this group and Stephen Curry is still playing at the MVP level. Golden State doesn’t want to waste the end of their prime and will likely make a move at some point in the season as they are currently 9-10 and out of the playoff picture in the highly competitive Western Conference.

They don’t need stars, the Warriors need solid rotation players who can play straight away and potentially be part of a playoff rotation. Wiseman and Kuminga have potential, but it may not be realized as long as Curry is this good.

I’m sure the Warriors would welcome Alec Burks, but it’s difficult to get salaries to work without adding additional players. There’s a direct trade that might interest both teams and give them something they need:

get pistons

Jonathan Kuminga

In this trade, the warriors get a player who could go straight into their rotation and help them now. Bey didn’t shoot the ball well, but he’s a better player than Kuminga at this stage in their respective careers and could give them another proven 15-ppg scorer coming off their bench.

The Detroit Pistons would take a flyer on a younger player who might have more advantages than Bey, at least defensively. Both players have major weaknesses but could be better off in new environments as Kuminga could get more minutes with the Pistons and Bey could play a more defined role at Golden State.

Kuminga may be a better fit for Detroit defensively if they plan to keep Bogdanovic, and Bey could step straight into the backup power forward spot and give the Warriors another rotation player.

I don’t know if Bey is enough to move the needle for the Warriors and they may not feel like giving up a 20-year-old player who has great potential. But Bey is making less money and is suspended for another season so he would be a cheap rotation player better now.

I don’t think the Detroit Pistons can expect a huge return for Saddiq Bey in the trade market. So if they want to move him, they’re going to look for potential and suitability, and Kuminga checks both boxes.

Salaries don’t quite work, so the Pistons may need to pin another player (Rodney McGruder) for the numbers to match, but it’s an interesting possibility. The Pistons certainly don’t need to, and shouldn’t, move Bey unless the right deal comes up, but Kuminga represents the type of player they could be targeting.


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