When is Gangs of London season 3 coming out?

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When is Gangs of London season 3 coming out? We discuss the popular series and touch on the possible release date.

Gangs of London season 2 has wowed fans and presumably Sky too with some great reviews and very respectable UK ratings. The dark crime drama started with a bang, and in the first seasoncrime boss Finn Wallace is dealt with, leaving a vacuum in the hierarchy of the London underworld.

After twenty years at the forefront, Finn’s murder sends shockwaves through the various criminal establishments operating out of London, including the Albanian mafia and Kurdish freedom fighters. When Finn’s son takes on the role of leader, things start to spiral out of control, and by the end of the first season there were so many twists and turns that a second series seemed inevitable.

Luckily there is a second season, and it takes place a year after the events of the first season, with a new gang rising in power and a violent new regime imposing its own laws on the other gangland rivals. However, resistance to this new authority is growing, and as the old rules are broken, it seems a matter of time before everything begins to implode.

Is Gangs of London based on a true story?

As for the actual plot, Gangs of London is not based on actual events, so it is not based on a true story. However, it’s hard to imagine that it’s all fiction, and the writers did a lot of research on the subject when writing their stories. Gang members and criminologists were consulted as the storylines were being developed, but it appears the story is actually fiction.

However, in a twist on the narrative, it seems that the actual premise could have come from one old video game. The game was an open world adventure game developed by Sony and released for the PSP in 2006. Players can play as one of five different gangs from different backgrounds. The game was originally intended to be a movie franchise, but it seemed like a TV series would fit the format better.

Has Gangs of London Season 3 been renewed?

After the explosive season 2 finale. apparently season 3 just waiting for the green light. There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up, so while there hasn’t been an official statement, we’re hoping that the series will get a third installment.

When is Gangs of London season 3 coming out?

Gangs of London is a well-produced and cleverly presented show, and there are many set pieces, particularly action scenes, that take a long time to build. Series producers often present the show with an almost cinematic quality, knowing that the program will have to compete with similar offerings from international producers. So when we hear news of a third season, they must be on their way ready to air in 2023. A show with the level of content that Gangs of London has will take at least a year to get things ready. So if there’s an announcement anytime soon, expect Season 3 around October 2023, But as things escalate, it could be early 2024 before we find out what happens next in the criminal underworld.

Gangs of London season 2 trailer

If you weren’t watching Gangs of London however, you may be surprised. The violent, gritty, and cinematic show seems to have flown under the radar a bit, but just in case you want a sneak peek at the action, here’s the season 2 trailer to whet your appetite.

Have you seen Gangs of London? Let us know what you think of the series in the comments below.


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